Nike Site Park

The perfect community for families looking to have that suburban feel without giving up on amenities and green spaces is Nike Site Park. With numerous parks nearby, this quiet neighborhood will provide you with everything your kids need from early education through college–and then some. You’ll find no shortage of shopping centers or grocery stores either; there’s always something new around every corner in Parma when it comes to living here at The Nike Site Park.

Nike Site Park is a peaceful suburban neighborhood in Parma, OH area. The well-maintained homes and friendly neighbors make this place great for families looking to call home their own. With its winding roads, Nike Site Park offers everything you need, from shopping centers, close by or entertainment venues only minutes away, so it’s easy going no matter what kind of day life throws your way.

Nike Site Park is a haven for individuals looking to find the perfect home. With an inventory ranging from small, single-family homes to large townhomes and apartments with five or more bedrooms, there’s sure to be something here.

You can expect to pay more than average if you’re eyeing a rental home in the Nike Site Park area. The average rental cost in this Parma neighborhood is $1,771, which is higher than 89.6% of other neighborhoods across Ohio.

The Nike Site Park neighborhood is located close to the Downtown area and has many amenities. The rent price for this Parma area can be higher than other Ohio neighborhoods, but you’ll enjoy all that it offers, including proximity to shopping centers with lots of stores within walking distance from your home or a car ride away.

The picturesque Nike Site Park neighborhood is perfect for college students. It has several amenities geared toward those who attend universities in the area, such as walkability and safety.

In the Nike Site Park neighborhood in Parma, you’ll find a balance between median income and cost of living. This makes it an excellent location for people looking to maintain their quality of life while still making enough money to afford what life has to offer.

The people in the Nike Site Park neighborhood are middle-income, making this Parma community a moderate-income area. This means that they have more money than 58 percent of America’s neighborhoods.

The Nike Site Park neighborhood features a largely blue-collar workforce, with 27.3% of the neighborhood’s working population employed in executive positions employed in executive, management, and professional occupations. Besides, about 25.0% of the residents in this neighborhood are employed in manufacturing and laboring occupations.

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