Parma Circle West

Parma Circle West is a bustling community that offers its residents an extraordinary array of amenities and activities. Businesses line the streets, while cultural diversity abounds in this culturally rich area with many different shops for you to explore or enjoy. This Parma has everything needed from groceries right down your favorite coffee shop just steps away – it’s really quite convenient when living so close to all these great places around town.

The Parma Circle West neighborhood is a tight-knit urban community with a strong sense of pride. The residents are diverse, including families and young professionals who have made this place their home for decades to retirees living comfortably on small blocks filled with trees that provide shade from harsh summer suns or winter snows alike.

The Parma Circle West neighborhood is a great community to live in with its diverse population. It’s not just your average city street; this Parma area has everything that you would want in an urban setting, like large trees and green spaces.

The cost of renting in the Parma Circle West community is higher than most neighborhoods (92.2%) across Ohio. The average rental price is $1,866 per month for an apartment which shows that this Parma area has been quite popular among those looking to live close by but not too far from work.

Living in the Parma Circle West community is an amazing experience. Some of this neighborhood’s homes are large and offer plenty of space for your family, while others have only one or two bedrooms but still provide enough room that you won’t feel cramped when the company comes over.

The Parma Circle West neighborhood is an excellent example of what most residential real estate in America looks like. This Parma area consists mainly of owner-occupied homes, with many being older and well-established since they were constructed between 1940 – 1969.

Middle-class families live in the Parma Circle West neighborhood. The residents of the area are well educated, making them more likely to earn higher incomes than 59 percent of other neighborhoods across America.

The people residing in the Parma Circle West neighborhood are busy. The area has a high concentration of executive, management, and professional jobs, with 37% of working residents employed in these positions. Alongside these highly-educated professionals live 26 percent who work as sales representatives or service employees – including many working within fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, where they can make use of their skills.

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