Parma Circle East

Parma Circle East is a picturesque urban community in Parma, Ohio area. The area is known for its many shops and restaurants, as well as its close proximity to Parma’s city center. Parma Circle East is a great place to reside for those individuals who want an urban feel but also want the convenience of being close to Parma’s many amenities. There are various things to do in the Parma Circle East neighborhood, and the area is home to a number of great schools.

The Parma area is home to several neighborhoods, but Parma Circle East has a unique feel that can’t be found anywhere else. You’ll find people from all different backgrounds living here together in harmony–it’s safe and welcoming for families alike. With its close-knit community values combined with an urban environment without the high costs associated with bigger city life, it makes sense why this location would appeal so much among those who want both aspects given their needs as well.

Homes in the Parma Circle East community offer a variety of living spaces to suit any family size. There are single-family homes with small apartments for students or young professionals, as well as large four-bedroom houses that would be perfect if you’re seeking to make your own friends while raising children around the neighborhood.

In this area of Parma, there are many older homes that have been around for a while. Many were constructed between 1940 and 1969 in particular, which makes up the majority here compared to other areas nearby where new development is happening at rapid speeds.

The Parma Circle East community is a moderate-income area with an average income that exceeds 54 percent of other communities across America. It also has higher rates of homeownership and low poverty levels when compared to most other neighborhoods across America.

The Parma Circle East neighborhood is a largely working-class area, with 31% of its residents employed in executive and professional positions. A second important occupational group for this part of town is manufacturing jobs at 30.8% of the neighborhood’s working population.

The picturesque Parma Circle East neighborhood is known for its diverse population. Residents in this Parma community most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as German (28.4%), followed by those reporting Irish roots at 14.4%. There are also people with Polish ancestors, accounting for 12.8%, while some (9.5%) Italian blood runs through the veins of many who live within this area.

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