Parma Southeast

Parma Southeast is a quiet suburban neighborhood in Parma, OH. With many beautiful parks and well-maintained homes lining its streets with trees for shade from hot summer suns rays, this location offers residents everything they need to lead an easy lifestyle close by plenty of shopping options as well as restaurants.

This Parma neighborhood offers beautiful single-family homes and plenty of green space and parks for residents, making it an ideal location where you can raise your family while still being conveniently close to all that Parma has going on nearby, like top colleges! In addition, the convenient access granted from downtown allows people easy accessibility no matter what they want or need without having far travel time involved.

Parma Southeast is a great neighborhood to live in if you’re on the hunt for an affordable rental home. The average cost of renting here right now is just $1,236. That’s lower than in 45% of neighborhoods across Ohio – so residents enjoy some good value when it comes down to how much they spend each month at their new homes or apartments in this part of town.

The Parma Southeast neighborhood is ideal if you’re looking for medium-sized homes with three or four+ bedrooms. There are also several varieties here in the form of high-rise apartments that come at every price point imaginable. A mixture between downtown apartments and luxurious single-family homes awaits with options for every family size in this Parma community.

The beautiful Parma Southeast neighborhood has so many older homes. You can find single-family houses that were constructed between 1940 and 1969, as well as duplexes or condos, with some dating back even further. The most popular type of real estate in this Parma area tends towards being homeowner-occupied properties rather than renters from outside the city limits.

The Parma Southeast neighborhood is a great location for college students looking to be near campus and have fun with their friends in this walkable area of Ohio. With its safety and accessibility on par or above average when compared to all other comparable neighborhoods within the state, it’s no wonder that many colleges choose this location as home.

The people in this part of Parma are some pretty great neighbors. They’re upper-middle class and make an above-average income. And they live somewhere where they are 60% higher than the national average, which makes them stand out as being more successful compared to most other areas across America.

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